Registration of Divorce Proceedings (Form)

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The Registration of Divorce Proceedings form must be completed and filed with the BC Supreme Court registryA central office, located in each judicial district, at which the court files for each court proceeding in that district are maintained, and at which legal documents can be filed, searched and reviewed; a courthouse. at the time a divorceThe legal termination of a valid marriage by an order of a judge; the ending of a marital relationship and the conjugal obligations of each spouse to the other. See "conjugal rights," "marriage," and "marriage, validity of." proceedingIn law, the whole of the conduct of a court proceeding, from beginning to end, and the steps in between; may also be used to refer to a specific hearing or trial. See "action." is commenced. In October 2013, British Columbia Supreme Court registries changed their practice of completing these forms for people. You now have to complete the form yourself, and the registry will send the paperwork to the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings in Ottawa.

Where to find this form and any examples

The form can be found online through the Department of Justice, or by clicking on the PDF link below:

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JUS 280 Registration of Divorce Proceedings (Form) PDF
Note about the PDF formNote about the PDF form: If you encounter problems viewing the PDF form, save it to your computer and open it using Adobe Reader.

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The page How Do I Get Divorced in JP Boyd on Family Law provides more information on the procedure for filing for divorce.

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