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David Dundee
David C. Dundee, Paul & Company
David C. Dundee is a senior subject editor for JP Boyd on Family Law, and is jointly responsible for the pages on Spousal Support. David is a lawyer and mediator with Paul & Company in Kamloops. David received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Honours English in 1978 and a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1981, both from the University of British Columbia. He was called to the bar in 1982. He has practised family law for most of his career, and has focused primarily on family law since he came to Kamloops. He became a family law mediator in 1988.

In 2012 David was awarded the President’s Medal in part for his work with the Law Society of BC's Best Practice Guidelines for family law. He has been extensively involved with the Canadian Bar Association for many years in many capacities: as chair or co-chair of the Kamloops Family Law Section since 2001; as member of the CBA National Family Section since 2008; and currently as an officer of that section.

As acting chair of the Family Law Working Group since 2007, he was involved with submissions to government on the Family Law Act, and was invited by the Justice Ministry to participate in their family practice advisory group, which consulted on the introduction of the Family Law Act. David has also been active with the BC Continuing Legal Education Society for many years, having presented and written on several subjects, including as contributing editor to the Family Practice Manual and to their transition guide to the Family Law Act.

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