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File:naterussell.jpg|’‘[[Nate Russell]]’’
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File:brendarose.jpg|’‘[[Brenda Rose]]’’
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File:megansmiley.jpg|’‘[[Megan Smiley]]’’
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File:dwahyuni.jpg|’‘[[Desy Wahyuni]]’’

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The Clicklaw Wikibooks Advisory Committee serves to:

  • Provide input and feedback on Clicklaw Wikibooks.
  • Provide different and critical perspectives to Clicklaw Wikibooks
  • Help Clicklaw Wikibooks achieve its goals using the influence and expertise of Committee members.
  • Help Clicklaw Wikibooks shape and align with strategies within the PLEI sector.
  • Consider and comment on any recommendations for changes to Clicklaw Wikibooks that:
    • may have a high impact on Clicklaw Wikibooks’ goals
    • may have a high impact on user experience.

Recommendations that are “high impact” may involve advances in technology, proposed titles from new or existing authors or organizations, changes in PLEI, meeting evolving user needs, etc.

The Advisory Committee makes recommendations for platform improvements and new titles based on established selection criteria. The Advisory Committee follows the Clicklaw Wikibooks Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

Current Advisory Committee

The Clicklaw Wikibooks Advisory Committee is currently comprised of the following members:


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