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Consumer and Debt Law

A Manual for Legal Professionals Helping Clients with Consumer or Debt Problems in British Columbia

Part 1. Before You Begin
How to Use This Publication
Client Options
Part 2. Consumer Law
Contracts Overview
Contract Defences
Opting Out & Cooling-off Periods
Contract Remedies
Contracts Made by Minors
Making a Purchase
Sale of Goods Law
Deposits in Consumer Transactions
Misleading Advertising
Unfair or Deceptive Practices
Unsolicited Goods & Services
Buying Services
Travel Services
Repairers' Liens
Warehouse Liens
Lawyers' Fees
Part 3. Debt Law
Borrowing Money
Types of Lenders & Creditors
Interest & the Cost of Borrowing
Payday Loans
Co-signing, Guarantees & Joint Debts
Credit Insurance
Credit Reports & Credit Cards
Credit Reports & Ratings
Credit Cards
Mortgages & Secured Loans
Mortgages & Foreclosure
Prepayment Rights
Security Agreements
Dealing with Debt
Harassment by Debt Collectors
Collection Agents
Garnishment & Set-offs
Bailiffs & Sheriffs
Legal Actions
Fraudulent Conveyances & Preferences
Recovery of Goods
Tort Actions
Getting Out of Debt
Debtor’s Options for Getting Out of Debt
Assignments in Bankruptcy
Consumer & Ordinary Proposals
Orderly Payment of Debts
Part 4. Court
Going to Court
Court Process
Instalment Payment Orders
Foreign Claims & Judgments
Contempt of Court
Enforcing Court Judgments
Examination of Debtors
Enforcing Judgments Against Chattels
Enforcing Judgments Against Land
Stays of Enforcement
Part 5. Laws & Cases
Consumer & Debt Laws
Part 6. Resources
Agencies that Help
Other Resources
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