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A starting point for information on the law in British Columbia

Introduction to Dial-A-Law
Part 1. Consumer & Money
Cars & Getting Around
Buying a Used Car (No. 197)
Leasing a Car (No. 196)
Car Repairs (No. 198)
Insurance Benefits and Compensation for Accident Victims (No. 185)
Making a Personal Injury Claim (No. 188)
Making a Vehicle Damage Claim (No. 186)
The Points System and ICBC (No. 187)
Buying Defective Goods (No. 257)
Dishonest Business Practices and Schemes (No. 260)
Shopping Online, by Phone, or by Mail (No. 256)
Receiving Unsatisfactory Services (No. 258)
Door-to-Door Sales, Time Shares, and Other Contracts You Can Cancel (No. 255)
Money & Debt
Buying on Credit (No. 246)
Credit Cards (No. 247)
Credit Reports (No. 249)
Co-Signing or Guaranteeing a Loan (No. 248)
Collecting a Debt (No. 250)
Garnishment (No. 251)
When You Can't Pay Your Debts (No. 253)
Harassment by Debt Collectors (No. 252)
Warehouse Liens (No. 254)
Financial Help for People with Disabilities (No. 289)
Income Assistance: Reconsiderations and Appeals (No. 288)
Your Bank Account (No. 245)
Part 2. Work & Business
Protection Against Job Discrimination (No. 270)
Sexual Harassment (No. 271)
Farm Workers' Wages (No. 273)
Farm Workers' Rights (No. 274)
Workers' Compensation (No. 285)
Appealing a Workers' Compensation Decision (No. 286)
If You Are Fired: Wrongful Dismissal (No. 241)
Getting Temporarily Laid Off (No. 281)
If You Quit Your Job (No. 280)
Applying for Employment Insurance Benefits (No. 282)
Starting a Small Business (No. 265)
Incorporating a Company (No. 267)
Forming a Partnership (No. 266)
Trademarks, Copyright and Other Intellectual Property (No. 231)
Music Law (No. 264)
Part 3. Families & Children
Family Relationships
Introduction to Family Law (No. 114)
Getting Married in British Columbia (No. 160)
Marriage Agreements and Cohabitation Agreements (No. 162)
Couples Who Are Not Spouses: Your Income, Support and Property Rights (No. 148)
Family Violence (No. 155)
Changing Your Name (No. 161)
Divorce & Separation
Separation and Separation Agreements (No. 115)
Deciding Who Will Move Out (No. 116)
Requirements for Divorce and Annulment (No. 120)
Desk Order Divorce: The Do-It-Yourself Divorce Process (No. 121)
Responding to Divorce Proceedings (No. 122)
Guardianship, Parenting Arrangements, and Contact
Child Support (No. 117)
Spousal Support (No. 123)
Enforcing Support Orders and Agreements (No. 132)
Tax Implications of Support Payments (No. 133)
Dividing Property and Debts (No. 124)
Children's Rights (No. 238)
Children Born Outside Marriage (No. 140)
Children Born to Unmarried Spouses (No. 147)
Adoption of a Child (No. 145)
Adoption Registries (No. 146)
Reporting Suspected Child Abuse (No. 156)
Child Protection and Removal (No. 141)
Resolving Family Disputes
Mediation, Collaborative Negotiation, and Arbitration
Provincial (Family) Court
Applying for an Interim Order in a Family Law Case in Supreme Court (No. 112)
Part 4. Life
Adults and Consent to Health Care (No. 428)
Children and Consent to Health Care (No. 422)
Getting Your Medical Records (No. 421)
Hospitalizing a Mentally Ill Person (No. 425)
If You Have a Problem with a Doctor (No. 423)
Medical Malpractice (No. 420)
Home & Neighbours
Buying a Home (No. 406)
Buying a Condominium (No. 407)
Mortgages and Financing a Home Purchase (No. 408)
Selling Your Home (No. 405)
Builders Liens (No. 268)
Owning a Condominium (No. 401)
Co-operative Housing: Members' Rights and Duties (No. 402)
Residential Tenancy (No. 410)
Neighbour Law (No. 400)
Home Repair Contractors (No. 409)
Foreclosure (No. 415)
Rights & Citizenship
Defamation: Libel and Slander (No. 240)
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (No. 235)
Human Rights and Discrimination Protection (No. 236)
Charter Rights: Overview (No. 230)
Charter Rights: Legal Rights (No. 200)
Charter Rights: Equality Rights (No. 232)
Aboriginal Law (No. 237)
Immigrating to British Columbia (No. 290)
Seniors' Rights and Elder Abuse (No. 239)
Wills, Planning & Estates
Preparing a Will and Estate Planning (No. 176)
Challenging a Will (No. 179)
Your Duties As Executor (No. 178)
When Someone Dies Without a Will (No. 177)
When Your Common-Law Spouse Dies (No. 150)
Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements (No. 180)
Committeeship (No. 426)
Part 5. Courts & Crime
Courts & Resolving Disputes
Resolving Disputes Without Going to Court (No. 429)
Our Court System in a Nutshell (No. 432)
Starting a Lawsuit (No. 165)
Suing Someone in Small Claims Court (No. 166)
Being Sued in Small Claims Court (No. 167)
Going to Trial in Small Claims Court (No. 168)
Appearing in Court by Phone (No. 433)
Getting Your Judgment Paid (No. 169)
Class Actions in British Columbia (No. 233)
If You Receive an Appearance Notice or Summons (No. 210)
Defending Yourself Against a Criminal Charge (No. 211)
Pleading Guilty to a Criminal Charge (No. 212)
Outstanding Warrants and Welfare (No. 204)
Possession of Marijuana (No. 201)
Shoplifting (No. 202)
Impaired Driving (No. 190)
Driving While Prohibited (No. 192)
Driving Without Insurance (No. 193)
Traffic Tickets (No. 194)
Conditional Sentences, Probation, and Discharges (No. 203)
Criminal Records and Record Suspensions (No. 205)
Being a Witness (No. 216)
Complaints Against the RCMP (No. 220)
Complaints Against the Municipal Police (No. 221)
Firearms and the Firearms Act (No. 242)
Charging Someone with a Criminal Offence (No. 215)
Peace Bonds and Assault Charges (No. 217)
Stalking, Criminal Harassment, and Cyberbullying (No. 206)
Young People and Criminal Law (No. 225)
Youth Justice Court Trials (No. 226)
Legal Help & Lawyers
Free and Low-Cost Legal Help (No. 430)
Choosing a Lawyer (No. 435)
Lawyers' Fees (No. 438)
If You Have a Problem with a Lawyer (No. 436)
The Law Society, Bar Associations, and Law Foundation (No. 431)