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LSLAP Manual[edit]

Law Students' Legal Advice Manual[edit]

Chapter One - Criminal Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Etiquette
IV. Criminal Charges
V. Substantive Law
VI. Resolving Prior to Trial
VII. Pleading Not Guilty/Trial
VIII. Other Issues
IX. Charter of Rights and Freedoms
X. LSLAP Policies
XI. Information for LSLAP Students
XII. Etiquette for Law Students
XIII. Practice Recommendations
Appendix A: Initial Sentencing Position
Appendix B: Sample Information
Appendix C: Diversion Application
Appendix D: Sentencing Hearing
Appendix E: Trial Books
Appendix F: Glossary
Chapter Two - Youth Justice
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Youth Criminal Justice Act
IV. Youth Justice (British Columbia) Act
Appendix A: Glossary
Chapter Three - Family Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Marriage
IV. Divorce
V. Uncontested Divorce
VI. Simple Divorce Procedure
VII. Alternatives to Divorce
VIII. Family Violence
IX. Assets
X. Spousal and Child Support
XI. Parenting Orders/Guardianship/Contact
XII. Children and the Law
XIII. Adoption
XIV. Name Changes
XV. Court Procedures
Appendix A: Glossary
Chapter Four - Victims
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation
III. Crime Victim Assistance Program
IV. Avenues to Address Crime
V. Victims of Sexual Assault
VI. Victims of Violence in Relationships
VII. Seniors and Others with Disabilities
VIII. Victims of Human Trafficking
IX. Missing Persons and Abductions
X. TIP and Restorative Justice
XI. Resources for Indigenous Victims
XII. Referrals and Follow-up
Chapter Five - Public Complaints Procedures
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Review of Administrative Decisions
IV. Privacy or Access to Information
V. Complaints against the Police
VI. Complaints against Security Guards
VII. The Right to Vote
VIII. Complaints regarding UBC
IX. Complaints regarding SFU
X. Complaints Regarding Other Colleges and Universities
XI. Complaints against Doctors
XII. Complaints against Lawyers
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Sample Notice Letter
Chapter Six - Human Rights
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. BC Human Rights Code
IV. Canadian Human Rights Act
V. BC Civil Rights Protection Act
VI. Rights of the Child
VIII. Indigenous Complainants
IX. Online Mediations & Hearings
Chapter Seven - Workers' Compensation
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation, Policy & Guidelines
III. Introduction to Compensation Claims for Injured Workers
IV. LSLAP's Role at the Initial Decision Level
V. Limitation Periods and Timing of Decisions
VI. Making a Claim
VII. The Claim Acceptance Process
VIII. Worker Status
IX. Disability and Causation
X. Time Limits and Procedures
XI. Claim Benefits
XII. Appeals
XIII. Health and Safety Regulations in the Workplace
XIV. Assessments of Employers
XV. The WCB Fair Practices Officer
Appendix A: Abbreviations
Appendix B: List of Cases
Appendix C: Referrals
Appendix D: Resources
Appendix E: Claims Process
Appendix F: Checklist for Interviews
Appendix G: Checklist for Appeals
Appendix H: Sample Authorization Form
Chapter Eight - Employment Insurance
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Qualifying for EI
IV. Types of Benefits
V. Benefit Period
VI. Quantifying Benefits
VII. Benefit Entitlement
VIII. Penalties, Violations, and Offences
IX. Keeping Out of Trouble
X. Timing for Reporting
XI. Overpayment and Collections
XII. Reconsideration
XIII. Social Security Tribunal
XIV. Appeals
XV. Judicial Review
XVI. LSLAP's Use of This Chapter
Appendix A: Initial Application Checklist
Appendix B: COVID-19: Temporary Changes to EI
Chapter Nine - Employment Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Checklist
IV. Preliminary Matters
V. Employment Issues
VI. Remedies
VII. Strategies and Tips
Appendix A: Glossary
Chapter Ten - Creditors' Remedies and Debtors' Assistance
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Creditors' Remedies
IV. Debtors' Options
V. Dealing with Debt
Appendix A: Relevant Forms
Appendix B: Examination Checklist
Chapter Eleven - Consumer Protection
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Contracts for Sale of Goods
IV. Consumer Protection
V. Direct Sales
VI. Conditional Sales Contracts
VII. Motor Dealer Act
VIII. Miscellaneous
IX. Consumer Transactions
Chapter Twelve - Auto Insurance (ICBC)
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Basic Coverage
IV. Optional Insurance
V. Seeking Legal Counsel
VI. Disputes with ICBC
VII. When You Can Still Sue
VIII. On or Before April 30 2021
IX. Limitation on Experts
X. Compulsory Coverage
XI. Optional Insurance
XII. Personal Injury Claims
XIII. Out-of-Province
Chapter Thirteen - Motor Vehicle Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. At the Roadside
IV. Duties after a Collision
V. Violation Tickets
VI. Provincial Offences
VII. Vehicle Impoundment
VIII. Superintendent
IX. Drugs and Alcohol
X. Federal Offences
XI. Driving While Prohibited
XII. ICBC Breaches
XIII. Bicycles
XIV. LSLAP Program Information
Appendix A: Examples of Penalty
Chapter Fourteen - Mental Health Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Theory and Approach
IV. Legal Rights
V. Patient Admission
VI. Consent to Medical Treatment
VII. Involuntarily Admitted
VIII. Youth
IX. Criminal Code
X. Complaints
XI. References
XII. LSLAP File Administration Policy
Chapter Fifteen – Guardianship
I. Introduction
II. Mental Capacity
III. Governing Legislation
IV. Substitute Decision Making
V. Adult Guardianship
VI. Adult Abuse
VII. Sources and Resources
Appendix A: EPOA
Appendix B: Decision Tree on Adult Abuse and Neglect
Chapter Sixteen – Wills and Estate Administration
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Making and Executing
IV. Mistakes and Alterations
V. Revocation
VI. Will Variation Claims
VII. Intestacy
VIII. Property
IX. First Nations and Wills
X. Health Care Decisions
XI. Probate and Administration
XII. Duties of a Personal Representative
XIII. Taxation: RRSP & RRIF & TFSA
XIV. LSLAP File Administration Policy
Appendix A: Will Instructions Questionnaire
Appendix B: Will Drafting and Execution Checklist
Appendix C: Glossary
Chapter Seventeen – Citizenship
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Who is a Canadian Citizen?
IV. Advantages & Responsibilities
V. Citizenship Grants
VI. Applying for Citizenship Grant
VII. Loss and Renunciation
VIII. Proof
IX. Search of Citizenship Record
X. Referrals
Chapter Eighteen – Immigration Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Players
IV. Categories of Persons
V. PR Application
VI. Identifications
VIII. Loss of PR
IX. In-Canada Temporary Residence Matters
X. Removal Orders
XI. Appeals
XII. Offences
XIII. Issues at Sentencing
XIV. Contacts
Chapter Nineteen – Landlord and Tenant Law
I. Residential Tenancy Act
II. Tenancy Agreements
III. Moving In and Moving Out
IV. Security Deposits
V. Repair and Service
VI. Rent Increase
VII. Tenant's Rights
VIII. Subletting and Assignment
IX. Termination/Eviction
X. Dispute Resolution
XI. Common Law
XII. Strata Law
XIII. Assisted Living
XIV. Commercial Tenancies
XV. Mobile Homes
XVI. Income Assistance
XVII. Illegal Suites
XVIII. Forms
XIX. Governing Legislation and Resources
Chapter Twenty – Small Claims and the CRT
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Do You Have a Claim?
IV. Choosing the Proper Forum
V. Starting a Claim
VI. Responding to a Claim
VII. Default Order
VIII. How a Claim Proceeds
IX. Pre-Trial
X. Mediation
XI. Settlement Conferences
XII. Trial/Pre-Trial Conferences
XIII. Trial Preparation
XIV. Trials
XV. Costs and Penalties
XVI. Appeals
XVII. Enforcement of a Judgement
Appendix A: Registries
Appendix B: Demand Letter
Appendix C: Notice of Claim
Appendix D: Reply to Claim
Appendix E: Glossary
Appendix F: Limitation Periods
Appendix G: Causes of Action
Appendix H: Court Fees
Appendix I: Tribunal Fees
Appendix J: Settlement Conference
Appendix K: Payment Hearing
Appendix L: Appeal
Appendix M: LSLAP File Administration Policy
Chapter Twenty One – Welfare Law
I. Introduction
II. Governing Legislation and Resources
III. Eligibility
IV. Special Situations
V. Eligibility Factors
VI. Hardship Assistance
VII. Overpayments and Fraud
VIII. Payment Issues
IX. Additional Benefits
X. Health Supplements
XI. Appeals
XII. Changes Due to COVID-19
Chapter Twenty Two – Referrals
I. General
II. Family Law
III. Residential Tenancy
IV. Human Rights
V. Wills & Estates
VI. Immigration & Refugee
VII. Disability
VIII. Employment
IX. Debt
X. Aboriginal
XI. Police Complaints
XII. Chinese Language
XIII. Others
Supplementary Documents from Appendices
Ch. 1 Appendix A: Sample Initial Sentencing Position
Ch. 1 Appendix B: Sample Information
Ch. 1 Appendix C: Diversion Application
Ch. 7 Appendix H: Sample Authorization Form
Ch. 15 Appendix A: EPOA
Ch. 15 Appendix B: BC Public Guardian and Trustee Decision Tree on Adult Abuse and Neglect
Ch. 16 Appendix A: Wills Instruction Questionnaire
Ch. 20 Appendix C: Sample Notice of Claim
Ch. 20 Appendix D: Sample Reply to Claim