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Legal Help for British Columbians

A guide to help non-legal professionals make legal referrals for their clients

Introduction to Legal Help for British Columbians
Getting Started
Know Any Good Lawyers?
Part 1
Common Legal Problems
Complaints of Abuse by Authorities
Complaints about Police and Other Authorities
I Was Harassed or Assaulted by the Police
A Provincial Government Worker Was Abusive to Me
A Federal Government Worker Was Abusive to Me
I Was Abused in a Residential School
Consumer and Debt
Consumer and Debt Problems
I Don't Have Enough Money to Pay My Debts
The Bank Is Threatening Foreclosure on My Home
A Debt Collector Is Harassing Me
I Bought a Product from a Door-to-Door Salesperson and No Longer Want It
My Car Broke Down and the Dealer Won't Fix It
I Want to Get out of My Cellphone Contract
Criminal Law
Criminal Law Problems
I've Been Charged with a Criminal (or Youth) Offence and Have to Go to Court
I Have Been Offered "Diversion", "Restorative Justice" or "Alternative Measures"
I Want to Change My Release Conditions so I Can Have Contact with My Spouse or Children
I Was Charged out-of-Town and Want to Move the Case Closer to Home
I Want to Have My Criminal Record Removed
I Want My Criminal Case to Be Dealt with in First Nations Court
Employment Law
Employment Law Problems
My Employer Isn't Paying My Wages
I Have Been Dismissed (Fired) without Just Cause
I've Been Turned Down for Employment Insurance Benefits
I've Been Cut off Workers' Compensation Benefits
Family Law
Family Law Problems
I Have a Family Problem and I Want to Resolve It out of Court
I Just Separated from the Other Parent of My Children
My Partner Is Abusing Me and My Kids
My Ex Is Not Paying Child Support
I Am Having Challenges with My Children and Don't Want the Ministry to Remove Them
The Ministry Has Taken My Kids
Housing Problems
My Landlord Wants to Enter My Unit without My Permission
My Landlord Wants to Evict Me
My Landlord Wants to Keep My Deposit
Human Rights
Human Rights Problems
I Am Being Discriminated against or Sexually Harassed
Immigration Law
Immigration Law Problems
I Want to Claim Refugee Status in Canada
I'm a Permanent Resident and Have Been Charged with a Criminal Offence
My Husband Sponsored Me and We Have Now Separated
Mental Health
Mental Health Law Problems
A Relative Has Been Held against Their Will in a Mental Health Facility
Personal Planning
Personal Planning Problems
I Want to Get My Affairs in Order in Case I Become Incapable
I Want to Help a Friend or Relative Manage Their Affairs
Suing and Being Sued
Suing and Being Sued
I Am Being Sued — What Should I Expect?
I Need to Take Someone to Court — What's the Process?
Welfare and Disability
Welfare and Disability Problems
I Have No Money for Food or Shelter
I Have Been Denied or Cut off Welfare
I Need to Apply for Disability Benefits
I'm Being Investigated by the Welfare Ministry
Wills and Estates
Wills and Estates Problems
I Want to Write a Will
I Am the Executor or Administrator of an Estate
Part 2
Legal Resource List
Resource List for Legal Help for British Columbians
Duty Counsel
Legal Aid Representation
Private Bar Lawyers
Part 3
Preparing for Your Interview
Preparing for Your Interview
Legal Help Guide Contributors