Help, Services and More Information for Family Violence & Abuse

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Access Pro Bono Society of BC
Provides free legal clinics where you can meet with a lawyer for half an hour at no charge, if you qualify. In some cases, a lawyer might agree to represent you in court.

Greater Vancouver: 604.878.7400. Toll Free in BC: 1.877.762-6664.

Battered Women’s Support Services
Offers support groups, advocacy, counselling and other support services.

Greater Vancouver: 604.687.1867. Toll Free in BC: 1.855.687.1868.

BC Housing
Has listings for the transition houses, safe homes, and second-stage housing is available.

Greater Vancouver: 604.433.1711. Toll Free in BC: 1.866.465.6873.

BC/Yukon Society of Transition Houses
Offers safe temporary shelter to women and children experiencing family violence and abuse. Offers group and individual counselling for children and youth who witness family conflicts and violence.

Greater Vancouver: 604.669.6943. Toll Free in BC: 1.800.661.1040.

Provides searchable access to key legal information. Search “Solve Problems”
Court Orientation, Preparation, and Accompaniment
A section of the Ministry of Justice website that provides information about going to court as a witness. It includes information about victim impact statements, and court orientation.

victimservices/court/index.htm victimservices/court/index.htm

Online and telephone scripts about the law. To read or listen on the Internet, go to the Dial-A-Law website and select topics such as family law.

Public/Dial-A-Law Public/Dial-A-Law

This government website has information on how to get help through VictimLinkBC, how to find a transition house or safe home, and how to get legal help.

Family Justice Centres
Offers information about parenting orders, protection orders, emotional support, short-term counselling, referrals to emergency and community services.

Greater Vancouver: 604.660.2421. Victoria: 250.387.6121. Toll Free in BC: 1.800.663.7867.

Family LawLINE
Telephone advice line staffed by lawyers paid by legal aid.

Greater Vancouver: 604.408.2172. Toll Free in BC: 1.866.577.2525.

Justice Access Centre
If you live in Vancouver, Victoria or Nanaimo, a Justice Access Centre (JAC) can provide legal information and help you find out about free legal advice.
  • Greater Vancouver: 604.660.2084. Toll free: 1.800.663.7867 and ask to be put through to 604.660.2084.
  • Victoria: 250.356.7012. Toll free outside Victoria: 1.800.663.7867 and ask to be connected to 250.356.7012.
  • Nanaimo: 250.741.5447 or 1.800.578.8511.

JusticeBC has clear basic information about British Columbia’s justice system. The section on family law includes how to get help in cases of family violence.

JP Boyd on Family Law
This wikibook from Courthouse Libraries BC provides practical, in-depth coverage of family law and divorce law in British Columbia.

Lawyer Referral Service 
This service gives you the name of a local lawyer. You call the lawyer to request a meeting. Cost is $25 plus taxes for up to a half-hour meeting. If you need more help, ask what the lawyer charges per hour and request an estimate of the total cost.

Greater Vancouver: 604.687.3221. Toll Free in BC: 1.800.663.1919.

Legal aid - Legal Services Society (LSS)
Provides a range of free services including legal information, legal advice, and a lawyer to represent you in serious family problems if you qualify.

Greater Vancouver: 604.687.3221. Toll Free in BC: 1.800.663.1919.

Legal Services Society also publishes these booklets:

  • Living Together or Living Apart

  • Surviving Relationship Violence and Abuse:

  • For your Protection: Peace Bonds and Family Law Protection Orders:

Family Law in BC
A Legal Services Society website that provides a great deal of information on family law. Many of the resources are published in a variety of languages.

Fact sheets in the following topics are available on the section about abuse and family violence at

  • If your sponsor abuses you
  • Parenting
  • What to do about money
  • Safety planning
  • Protection orders
Ministry of Justice services for information
  • Violence Against Women Counselling and Outreach Programs:

  • Stalking and criminal harassment: This information on the Ministry of Justice website explains how to recognize criminal harassment, ways to increase your safety, and actions you can take, including how to get protection orders.
Has resources and information to help victims of crime as well as witnesses to a crime. Provides information in six languages.

VictimLinkBC and Access to Victim Service Workers
Province-wide telephone help.

Free Toll: 1.800.563.0808.

Vancouver and Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services
Free and confidential services for immigrant, visible minorities and refugee women who are experiencing family violence.

Greater Vancouver: 604.436.1025.

This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by People's Law School, 2014.

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