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Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)


  • Canadian immigration law is changing constantly and sometimes unpredictably. To ensure that you are using the most up to date forms, and the most current policies and procedures, it is important to always check the web site of Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Here you can find information, downloadable forms, and links to the IRPA, Regulations, and Policy Manuals. Operational Manuals and Bulletins published by CIC are available online under the Publications heading ( They explain the policies and procedures used by immigration officials to interpret the IRPA.

NOTE: The Operational Bulletins section of the CIC Publications site is currently undergoing a reformatting and restructuring effort wherein static Portable Document Format (PDF) manuals are being replaced with HTML policy documents that can be changed as soon as CIC policy changes. There is no indication at this time as to where “legacy” policies will be stored or archived, and it is quite possible that previous policies will not be accessible once a policy has changed.

Immigration and Refugee Board


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