Introduction to Immigration Law (18:I)

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This chapter is designed to assist with the following questions pertaining to immigration law in Canada:

  • What is my status?
  • How do I obtain a Work / Study Permit?
  • How do I obtain Permanent Residence?
  • How do I appeal an immigration matter?

It is advised that you reference outside sources in addition to this manual if your question is beyond the scope of the questions listed above. It is also important to refer to the main sources of immigration law (listed below) when researching a legal issue as the law may have changed since the printing of this manual. Notes advising users of potential changes to immigration law have been placed throughout the chapter as a warning that further research may be needed.

It is recommended that you contact an immigration lawyer if you require further assistance. Legal advocacy is recommended for appellate proceedings due to the complex nature of this area of law. Furthermore, several programs in British Columbia offer assistance with Temporary and Permanent Residence applications. If you cannot obtain the services of an immigration lawyer, the Law Students' Legal Advice Program and the services listed in Section XII may be able to provide assistance if you meet their qualifications.

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