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Motor vehicle law is a relatively complex area of law. There is significant overlap between federal and provincial laws, as well as laws relating to insurance provided by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. While reading this chapter or doing any research on motor vehicle law, it is important to remember that more than one law may cover the same situation, and that this may result in complex interactions between the legal regimes applicable to driving. It is advisable to consult a lawyer knowledgeable in motor vehicle law issues for advice on more complex motor vehicle law questions, particularly where there is a risk of jail time, loss of driver’s license, or other serious consequences upon conviction such as immigration consequences.

Please note that this chapter is directed towards a general motoring audience.

This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by the Law Students' Legal Advice Program on August 21, 2020.
© Copyright 2020, The Greater Vancouver Law Students' Legal Advice Society.

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