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Welcome to JP Boyd on Family Law
Successor to BC Family Law Resource.
Updated for the new Family Law Act

BC Family Law Resource: A New Interface


A new home for the popular family law help website from BC lawyer JP Boyd.

Read about the transition of this resource to a wiki format, timed to coincide with the changes of the new Family Law Act, which replaced the Family Relations Act on March 18, 2012.

Editorial Team and Advisory Panel

Other People

A team and advisory panel have assisted JP Boyd in migrating and updating the [ BC Family Law Resource]. This is a test of the Lingo extension (see Terminology):

Acting out of caution and concern for the well being of honest citizens, the Act government introduced an Act (def) to protect against fraud by dishonest would-be immigrants. An Action could be brought to strike out the laws, but a test case is needed. On a related point, Proof that a Marriage was entered into fraudulently may be grounds for Divorce and a Declaration by the courts that the marriage be deemed Null and Void, Ab Initio.

An Infant may not commence an Action, except with the aid of a guardian ad litem, who may or may not be a Guardian. Pundits warn that Hearsay may soon be expanded to include any testimony by witnesses who use social media.

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In law, the directions given by a client to their lawyer about either the conduct of their affairs or a court proceeding.

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