Motor Vehicle Impoundment (13:VII)

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Your vehicle may be impounded for a variety of offences or reasons, including excessive speeding, driving while prohibited, or for alcohol-related offences. If your vehicle has been impounded, this section details procedures for disputing that impoundment. For information on offences that may result in vehicle impoundment, consult the sections on particular offences in this chapter.

A. When can you dispute your vehicle impoundment

3 and 7-day impoundments cannot be disputed. Impoundments over 7 days can be disputed. Impoundments must be disputed within 15 days of being issued: Motor Vehicle Act s 256(1).

The Vehicle Impoundment review process is governed by ss 256 to 258 of the Motor Vehicle Act.

B. How to dispute

To dispute a vehicle impoundment, you must go to an ICBC vehicle driver licensing office with the notice of impoundment and apply for a review of the impoundment. For more information, you can consult the RoadSafetyBC website on impoundment at

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