Pensions, Benefits and Welfare (Covid-19)

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This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. This page was last updated by Clicklaw team on December 9, 2020 - 1:45 PM PDT.
As of December 14, 2020, we are no longer updating this page. Please use Clicklaw to find Covid-19 information related to your legal questions.

This page provides links to online resources dealing with the ways Covid-19 public health directives are affecting the lives of British Columbians.

This list is a starting point and is not meant to be exhaustive. It is not intended to give legal advice on your particular legal problem.

Find information on the filing of court documents and applications during the recovery of court operations here: BC Courts: Court Filings & Procedures

Common Legal Questions

People's Law School: Coronavirus: Your Legal Questions Answered

  • Q&A on your legal rights, written by lawyers in plain language. Includes answers regarding financial benefits and aid available to those affected financially by the pandemic.

Justice Education Society: Legal Questions & Answers on COVID-19 - Consumers & Money

  • This Q&A style resource includes answers to legal questions about financial difficulties concerning benefits for BC residents and students.

Government Benefits

CBC News: Financial help for Canadians affected by COVID-19

  • This guide allows you to find which government supports and benefits you are eligible for depending on your circumstances.

Government of Canada: Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

  • This page outlines the supports available to Canadians who need financial assistance during the pandemic.
  • The government has recently announced that CERB will be extended an additional four weeks and people receiving this benefit will be transitioned to a more flexible EI program. See the announcement for more details.

Government of Canada: COVID-19: Financial help if you are outside Canada

  • If you are outside Canada and need financial assistance in order to get back to Canada, this page outlines how you can apply.

BC Government: Medical Services Plan Response to COVID-19

  • This page from the BC Government outlines the changes to MSP coverage during the pandemic. Some of the topics it covers includes coverage for those with temporary work permits, temporary foreign workers, and new residents.

BC Government: COVID-19 Support for Income & Disability Assistance

  • Outlines the benefits available for people on income or disability assistance and low-income seniors.
  • This benefit is continuing from September through December 2020. To learn more, see the BC government news release

Plan Institute: Ome-time $600 Disability Payment - Frequently Asked Questions

  • This page discusses the one-time payment available to those with disabilities, including eligibility for receiving the credit, application, and deadlines.

Support for Students

Government of Canada: Canada Emergency Student Benefit

  • This benefit provides financial support to post-secondary students and recent graduates from post-secondary and high schools unable to find work due to the pandemic. Applications can be completed online.

StudentAidBC: COVID-19 Response Information

  • StudentAidBC is providing emergency funding to eligible students. Students looking for assistance are asked to contact their schools financial aid office to apply.

Support for Seniors

Seniors First BC: Federal Benefits and Programs for Seniors

  • This page outlines benefits available for BC seniors from the federal government. It also includes some information about the $500 benefit for seniors to assist them with any cost of living increases during the pandemic.

BC Government: Senior's Supplement

  • The BC Government is issuing a $300 addition to the Seniors Supplement in April, May, and June. The supplement is for low-income seniors receiving the Old Age Pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement allowances.


Government of Canada: Public Pensions-Covid 19

  • This site has information about applying for the Canada Pension Plan Retirement Pension, Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit, and the Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement.

BC Financial Services Authority: COVID-19 Information Bulletin for pension plan holders

  • This bulletin was created to help pension plan members and administrators address the challenges of the current state of emergency. The bulletin is styled as a Q&A, addressing frequently asked legal questions.

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