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The People's Law School provides public legal education and information (PLEI) to people interested in learning more about the law.

PLEI is available on a variety of topics such as Being an Executor, Child Support in BC: Information for Parents, Power of Attorney, Working in BC, and Writing Your Will. Information is available in various formats including wikibooks, EPUBs, booklets, factsheets, and more.

For a complete list of resources and events visit

Phone 1-604-331-5400
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Clicklaw Wikibooks from People's Law School

A Death in Your Family cover image.jpg
Driving in BC cover image.jpg
Paying Taxes cover image.jpg
Being an Executor cover image.jpg
Human Trafficking in Canada cover image.jpg
Learning about the Law cover image.jpg
Workplace Bullying and Harassment cover image.jpg
Family Violence and Abuse cover image.jpg
Preparing Your Will cover image.jpg
Power of Attorney cover image.jpg
Child Support in BC cover image.jpg

Learn & Teach resources from People's Law School

From the Learn & Teach Series on Clicklaw Wikibooks:

Law-Related Lessons Graphic.jpg

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