Select Applying Non-Profit Directors (Societies Act FAQs)

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This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO) in May 2021.

Email Address

What email address should the non-profit provide?

The non-profit should list an email address at which it will consistently and regularly be able to receive emails. For this reason and to ensure continuity for future directors, the applicants for incorporation might consider creating an email account specifically for the non-profit, rather than using a personal email address.

Contact Information of Three Applying Directors

Can I apply for incorporation on my own?

No. To submit an application for incorporation, the non-profit must provide the names and contact information of at least three directors. At least one of the directors must live in British Columbia.

Registered Office

Does the non-profit’s registered office need to be a staffed office?

No, the registered address does not need to be a staffed office. A registered office need only be an address at which the non-profit can receive mail. This could be the mailing address of a director, a post office (PO) box, or the non-profit’s office. A non-profit can also use the address of another organization. For instance, if the non-profit uses the boardroom of a charity to hold meetings and receive mail, the non-profit can list that address as its registered office.

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