Settlement Workers Guide to Helping Clients with Legal Information and Legal Referrals

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Settlement workers and others working with immigrants are often the first point of contact for people who may not know that the law can help with their problem. Providing legal information and referrals at this early stage can help clients learn about the law, the legal system and where they can go for more help.

This ‘how to’ guide is for settlement workers and others working with immigrants in BC. It provides basic information to help you:

  • understand the difference between legal information and legal advice,
  • identify when your client may have a legal issue,
  • find legal information,
  • find legal help, and
  • make effective referrals.


There are three ways to access the information in this guide. You can read online, print the information or watch the videos. Suggested uses include orientation for new staff or viewing a video in a staff meeting to start discussion. Videos can be viewed all at once or one at a time.

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