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Family Law Agreements

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A British Columbia company called Self-Counsel Press publishes a variety of do-it-yourself agreement kits along with <span class="noglossary">instructions</span> for completing and executing them, or you might try [], an American company which says that it has family law agreement kits suitable for British Columbia.
There are still other resources available for free that might help, and your library might have a copy of the Self-Counsel Press materials available for loan. Guides to drafting family law agreements are also available at a branch of [ Courthouse Libraries BC]; one of the very best is the ''[http 2 Family Law Agreements Manual: Annotated Precedents]'' published by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.
What follows are examples of the typical elements of a family agreement, using the example of John Doe and Jane Doe, a married couple who are entering into a separation agreement. These examples are not complete and are provided only to illustrate a point; they should not be used to draft your own agreement!