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Replying to a Court Proceeding in a Family Matter

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The next steps
===The next steps===
Certain registries may have special programs or requirements that are unique to the registry. The registry will advise you of what is needed when you file your materials.
In certain registries of the Provincial Court, the parties must meet with a family justice counsellor, and, if children are involved, attend a [ Parenting After Separation] program before you can take any further steps in your case. This may apply even if you are seeking a default judgment. The court clerk at your court registry will tell you what is needed. If necessary, the court clerk will refer you to the family justice counsellor and tell you where the Parenting After Separation program is offered.
The Parenting After Separation program is very useful to take, and you should seriously consider taking the course even if it isn't required in your court registry. The program is available [ online]. The online course does not replace the need to attend an in-person course if that is otherwise required. You will have to file a certificate that you've completed the program.
In the Victoria Registry, there is the [ Victoria Registry there is the Victoria Early Resolution Case Management Prototype].
The additional steps that follow the commencement of a proceeding in the Provincial Court are a simplified version of the Supreme Court process. There are fewer hoops to jump through, but also fewer means to extract information and documents from the other side.