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JP Boyd on Family Law

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Written in plain language, with rollover definitions for legal words and phrases, '''''JP Boyd on Family Law''''' provides practical, in-depth coverage of family law and divorce law in British Columbia. This trusted source for family law information is based on [[JP Boyd|John-Paul Boyd]]'s popular website, BC Family Law Resource, and is completely updated for the ''Family Law Act''. To get started, read [[Family Law in British Columbia]] for a quick introduction. Then dive into the main chapters of the wikibook, or see the [[JP Boyd on Family Law — How Do I?|How Do I?]] section for answers to common procedural questions. Read about the [[Introduction to JP Boyd on Family Law|transition of this resource to a wiki format]]. View the many [[:Category:JP Boyd on Family Law Contributors|lawyers and judges]] who are part of the editorial team led by [[Megan Ellis QC]] that keep this resource updated.
'''The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the court justice system and how family law problems are resolved. Clicklaw has assembled gathered helpful links and resources about the virus in a new page , [[Covid-19 Resources for British Columbians]]. Information about how the courts have responded can be found on the websites of the [ Provincial Court] and the [ Supreme Court], and John-Paul Boyd's [ YouTube channel] on family law topics now includes a video about [ COVID-19 and Family Law].'''
The ''Divorce Act'' will be changing on July 1, 2020, and so will this wikibook. In the meantime, we've prepared a summary of the more important changes. Read our page on [[the New Divorce Act]].