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Getting Started
Introduction to JP Boyd on Family Law 20220518130551
Family Law in British Columbia 20220518130921
Legislation in Family Matters 20220518154238
Divorce Act Basics 20220519153701
Family Law Act Basics 20220519160538
The Legal System
Introduction to the Legal System for Family Matters 20220518135300
The Court System for Family Matters 20220519170936
The Law for Family Matters 20211018124830
You & Your Lawyer 20190712111857
Avoiding Court
Resolving Family Law Problems out of Court 20210306115856
Collaborative Processes 20190616105614
Family Law Mediation 20190703095016
Family Law Arbitration 20210306121311
Parenting Coordination 20190730113905
Going to Court
Resolving Family Law Problems in Court 20211018101628
Starting a Court Proceeding in a Family Matter 20211018102007
Replying to a Court Proceeding in a Family Matter 20211018101952
Case Conferences in a Family Law Matter 20190731113056
Interim Applications in Family Matters 20211018102652
Enforcing Orders in Family Matters 20190808105723
Changing Final Orders in Family Matters 20190731114110
Family Law Agreements
Family Law Agreements 20210306122656
Cohabitation Agreements 20190808110054
Marriage Agreements 20190731133459
Separation Agreements 20210306122730
Enforcing Family Law Agreements 20190808105950
Changing Family Law Agreements 20210306123145
Children in Family Law Matters 20210306124340
Parenting after Separation 20210306124649
Guardianship, Parenting Arrangements and Contact 20190731141141
Custody and Access 20210306130125
Changing Family Law Orders and Agreements Involving Children 20210306130730
Estrangement and Alienation 20190704092303
Child Support
Child Support 20210306131440
Child Support Guidelines 20210306131825
Exceptions to the Child Support Guidelines 20210306132045
Making Changes to Child Support 20190731144854
Child Support Arrears 20190731145450
Spousal Support
Spousal Support 20190731151139
Basic Principles of Spousal Support 20190731151142
The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines 20190731151511
Making Changes to Spousal Support 20190731151811
Spousal Support Arrears 20190717225824
Property & Debt
Property & Debt in Family Law Matters 20190731155303
Basic Principles of Property & Debt in Family Law 20210112134036
Protecting Property & Debt in Family Law Matters 20190731155755
Dividing Property & Debt in Family Law Matters 20190731155923
Family Relationships
Family Relationships 20190731161153
Marriage & Married Spouses 20190722094326
Unmarried Spouses 20190731162508
Other Unmarried Relationships 20190731183745
Children's Caregivers and Extended Family 20210306132812
Adoption 20190722100917
Parentage and Assisted Reproduction 20190722122847
Separation & Divorce
Separation & Divorce 20190716151240
Separation 20190731184109
Separating Emotionally 20190731184518
Divorce 20190731185053
Specific Communities
Specific Communities and Family Law 20190722222600
Aboriginal Families 20190731191220
Immigrants and Family Law 20190731192226
Same Sex Relationships and Issues Affecting Transgender and Transsexual People 20200127161339
Family Violence
Family Violence 20190621132836
Overlapping Legal Issues
Overlapping Legal Issues and Family Law 20190624084951
Naming and Changes of Name 20190722151537
Court Forms, Documents and Glossary
Supreme Court Forms (Family Law) 20210204115606
Provincial Court Forms (Family Law) 20200114133905
Other Forms and Documents (Family Law) 20151120160607
Terminology 20210115083321
From the Author
JP Boyd on Family Law Editorial Manifesto 20190511090444