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|name = Consumer Law Wikibook Navbox
|name = Consumer Law Essentials Navbox
|title= [[Consumer Law Wikibook]]
|title= <span id="GTMbooktitle">[[Consumer Law Essentials]]</span>
             | group1 = Introduction
             | group1 = [[Making a Purchase]]
             | list1  =[[About the Consumer Law Wikibook|Acknowledgements & credits]]{{·}} [[Glossary for Consumer Law Wikibook|Glossary]]
             | list1  = [[Making a Purchase#The seller must not mislead you|The seller must not mislead you]]{{·}} [[Making a Purchase#The seller must not act unfairly towards you|The seller must not act unfairly towards you]]{{·}} [[Making a Purchase#You are protected by the legal warranty|You are protected by the legal warranty]]{{·}} [[Making a Purchase#You can change your mind (for some purchases)|You can change your mind (for some purchases)]]
             | group2 = [[Problems with a Purchase]]
             | group2 = [[Hiring Someone]]
             | list2  = [[Problems with a Purchase#How do I start a complaint?|How do I start a complaint?]]{{·}} [[Problems with a Purchase#Steps to make a complaint|Steps to make a complaint]]{{·}} [[Problems with a Purchase#Small Claims Court|Small Claims Court]]
             | list2  = [[Hiring Someone#Your legal rights|Your legal rights]]{{·}}[[Hiring Someone#Getting a written contract|Getting a written contract]]  
            | group3 = [[Problems with Home Repairs]]
            | list3  = [[Problems with Home Repairs#What should I put in a written contract?|What should I put in a written contract?]] {{·}}[[Problems with Home Repairs#Tips about hiring a contractor|Tips about hiring a contractor]] {{·}} [[Problems with Home Repairs#Tips about paying for repairs|Tips about paying for repairs]] {{·}} [[Problems with Home Repairs#Disagreements about the repair work|Disagreements about the repair work]]
             | group4 = [[Someone Owes You Money]]
             | group3 = [[Making a Contract]]
             | list4 = [[Someone Owes You Money#How do I write a demand letter?|How do I write a demand letter?]]{{·}} [[Someone Owes You Money#When do I go to court?|When do I go to court?]] {{·}} [[Someone Owes You Money#Getting legal help from a lawyer|Getting legal help from a lawyer]]  
             | list3 = [[Making a Contract#How a contract is created|How a contract is created]]{{·}} [[Making a Contract#Who can make a contract|Who can make a contract]]{{·}} [[Making a Contract#The contract itself|The contract itself]]  
             | group5 = [[Problems with Debt]]
             | group4 = [[Preventing Consumer Problems|Preventing Problems]]
             | list5 = [[Problems with Debt#Where do I start?|Where do I start?]]{{·}}[[Problems with Debt#What do I put in my budget?|What do I put in my budget?]]{{·}} [[Problems with Debt#What can the Credit Counseling Society do to help me?|What can the Credit Counseling Society do to help me?]] {{·}}[[Problems with Debt#How do I contact my creditors and what do I say?|How do I contact my creditors and what do I say?]] {{·}}[[Problems with Debt#Debt collectors|Debt collectors]]
             | list4 = [[Preventing Consumer Problems#Do your research|1. Do your research]]{{·}}[[Preventing Consumer Problems#Negotiate with confidence|2. Negotiate with confidence]]{{·}} [[Preventing Consumer Problems#Have a contract|3. Have a contract]]{{·}} [[Preventing Consumer Problems#Read and understand any contract|4. Read and understand any contract]]{{·}} [[Preventing Consumer Problems#Don't rush the decision|5. Don't rush the decision]]
             | group6 = [[Identity Theft]]
             | group5 = [[If There Are Consumer Problems|If There Are Problems]]
             | list6 = [[Identity Theft#What does identity theft mean?|What does identity theft mean?]]{{·}} [[Identity Theft#How do they get the information?|How do they get the information?]]{{·}} [[Identity Theft#What you can do to minimize risks|Minimizing risks]] {{·}} [[Identity Theft#What you can do to if your identity is stolen|What can you do if your identity is stolen?]]
             | list5 = [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Understand your legal rights|Understand your legal rights]]{{·}} [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Step 1. Decide what outcome you are seeking|Step 1. Decide what outcome you are seeking]]{{·}} [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Step 2. Collect your information|Step 2. Collect your information]]{{·}} [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Step 3. Contact the other party|Step 3. Contact the other party]]{{·}} [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Step 4. Send a complaint letter|Step 4. Send a complaint letter]]{{·}} [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Step 5. Contact a consumer protection agency|Step 5. Contact a consumer protection agency]]{{·}} [[If There Are Consumer Problems#Step 6. Consider legal action|Step 6. Consider legal action]]
             | group7 = [[Internet Scams]]
             | group6 = Resources
             | list7 =[[Internet Scams#"Free trial" scams|"Free trial" scams]]{{·}} [[Internet Scams#Phishing and Smishing|Phishing and Smishing]]{{·}}[[Internet Scams#Anti-virus scam|Anti-virus scam]]{{·}} [[Internet Scams#Smartphone app scams | Smartphone app scams]]{{·}} [[Internet Scams#Facebook link-sharing scam | Facebook link-sharing scam]]{{·}} [[Internet Scams#Bogus internet services | Bogus internet services]]{{·}} [[Internet Scams#Overpayment scams | Overpayment scams]]{{·}}[[Internet Scams#Free government money | Free government money]]{{·}}[[Internet Scams#West African scams | West African scams]]
             | list6 = [[Where to Get Help for Consumer Law Essentials|Where to Get Help]]{{·}} [[Glossary for Consumer Law Essentials|Glossary]]
             | group8 = [[Loan and Credit Scams]]
             | group7 = About
             | list8 = [[Loan and Credit Scams#Advance fee loan scams|Advance fee loan scams]] {{·}} [[Loan and Credit Scams#Bogus credit cards | Bogus credit cards]] {{·}} [[Loan and Credit Scams#Wipe your credit report clean|Wipe your credit report clean]]
             | list7 =[[About Consumer Law Essentials|About ''Consumer Law Essentials'']]{{·}} [[People's Law School|About People's Law School]]  
            | group9 = [[Work Scams]]
            | list9  = [[Work Scams#Work at home, make huge profits|Work at home, make huge profits]] {{·}} [[Work Scams#Mystery shopper scams|Mystery shopper scams]] {{·}} [[Work Scams#Bogus franchises|Bogus franchises]]
            | group10 = [[Prize and Contest Scams]]
            | list10  = [[Prize and Contest Scams#What prize and contest scams are?|What prize and contest scams are?]]
            | group11 = [[Door-to-Door Scams]]
            | list11  = [[Door-to-Door Scams#What you ca do|What you can do]]
            | group12 = [[Relative Scams]]
            | list12  = [[Relative Scams#What you can do|What you can do]]
            | group13 = [[Pyramid Schemes]]
            | list13  = [[Pyramid Schemes#What is a pyramid scheme?|What is a pyramid scheme?]]
            | group6 = [[Helpful Information and Links for Consumers|Helpful Information and Links]]
            | list6  = [[Helpful Information and Links for Consumers#Helpful Information and Links|Helpful Information and Links]]

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