What Are Taxes?

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Everyone who lives in Canada pays taxes to all three levels of government:

  • federal government,
  • provincial government, and
  • municipal (city or town) government.

Taxes pay for many services that everyone in Canada uses. For example:

  • medical care,
  • police,
  • schools,
  • universities,
  • defence,
  • roads,
  • bridges,
  • parks,
  • swimming pools, and
  • community centres.

There are different kinds of taxes in British Columbia. The main taxes to know about are:

  • income tax,
  • sales tax,
  • property tax,
  • duty, a tax you pay when you bring goods into Canada, and
  • consumer taxes.
This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by People's Law School, 2014.

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