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Law-Related ESL Lessons

Clicklaw Wikibooks is excited to launch a new Learn & Teach Series, featuring resources for educators and learners on legal topics. First in the series is Law-Related ESL Lessons, designed for English language classes for newcomers to Canada and British Columbia. Developed by People's Law School and ELSA Net, these lessons on legal topics that affect newcomers feature downloadable instructional packages, learning videos, and online quizzes for learners.

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JP Boyd on Family Law
John-Paul Boyd & others
Legal Help for BC
Cliff Thorstenson & others
Consumer Law Wikibook cover image.jpg
Consumer Law Wikibook
People's Law School
Tenant Survival Guide cover image.jpg
Settlement Workers Guide cover image.jpg
Settlement Workers Guide
Immigrant PLEI Consortium
Workplace Bullying and Harassment cover image.jpg
Workplace Bullying
People's Law School
Learning about the Law cover image.jpg
Learning about the Law
People's Law School
Paying Taxes cover image.jpg
Paying Taxes in BC
People's Law School

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