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This is a help page for contributors or users.

You choose how you want to access, read and share Clicklaw Wikibooks.

This guide explains how to:

  • print pages directly from your computer printer,
  • download pages as PDF,
  • download a whole Clicklaw Wikibook as e-book (PDF or EPUB),
  • order a whole Clicklaw Wikibook as a printed book,
  • use the "Book Creator" to make your own book, selecting portions of a single title, or combining parts from various Clicklaw Wikibooks into a single PDF, e-book or printed book.

Print from your computer printer

To print a single page, select "Printable version" option from the list of Print/Export options at the left of your screen. Once you see the simplified page, print the page using your browser's print function (Ctrl+P for PCs). This is the simplest way to print of information to read later.

Download single page as PDF

If you just want a PDF of the wiki page you are on, select "Download as PDF" option from the list of Print/Export options at the left of your screen. This creates a single PDF file quickly. It will only have the content of the current page.

Download whole wikibook as e-book (PDF or EPUB)

EPUB and PDF are good formats if you are reading at your own pace, don't want to read from a website, or want to save the whole wikibook for when you are not online. You can email either format to a friend. PDFs are readable on nearly any device (computer, smart phones, Kobo e-reader, iPad, etc.) using the popular and established Adobe Reader software. PDFs are very good for printing since what you see on the screen is usually designed to be printed, and certainly this is the case with Clicklaw Wikibooks.

EPUB is a newer standard format for e-book readers like iPads, Kobos, and many more. Amazon Kindle does not support EPUB however. EPUB lets you change the size of the type, and is generally easier to read because it adapts to the size of your screen.

PDF is probably the easiest and most reliable format to use, so if you are having problems accessing the EPUB, try the PDF format.

Here is a complete list of all Clicklaw Wikibooks.

Quickly downloading a whole Clicklaw Wikibook

Some titles offer a quick PDF and EPUB file for download on their main page. Look for the PDF and EPUB icons in boxes as shown below. These are up-to-date only as of the date they were assembled and placed online.These PDF or EPUB files will not include updates to information made by editors after the date indicated.

Look for these options from the main page of a Clicklaw Wikibook title.

Manually downloading a whole Clicklaw Wikibook

To download a PDF or EPUB format from the most up-to-date content requires a couple steps:

  1. Click on the cover image of a title from this page.
  2. Then look for the Download box of options and select the preferred format from the drop-down list.
  3. Click "Download" as shown here:
You can export your book in PDF or another format and click the "Download" button.

Note: Other format options such as DocBook or OpenDocument may appear available, but may not work on all computer systems. These formats are not necessary or recommended for Clicklaw Wikibooks. Some browsers may have difficulty downloading EPUB, and your computer or device requires e-reader software in most cases.

Order a Clicklaw Wikibook for print

It's possible to order Clicklaw Wikibooks as fully printed and bound books. This is known as print-on-demand, and each book ordered through in this way is up-to-date with the most current information in the wiki. We do not print or ship these books ourselves and do not set the price for this service (ordering in print is the only option that costs anything), however many readers prefer the feel and convenience of a printed book so we have arranged a complete list of all Clicklaw Wikibooks ready for you to purchase for printing and shipment using a third-party service called PediaPress.

When you click on the cover image of a title from this page look for the Order as a printed book box. Click "Preview with PediaPress"

To order a printed book, click on "Preview with PediaPress".

Note: This print-on-demand function is still being developed and may not work perfectly or at all on every computer system. We are in the process of improving this feature and thank you for your patience.

Using "Book Creator" to build your own book

In four easy steps, books can be created in PDF or EPUB format or ordered for printing.

Note: The book creator tool on Clicklaw Wikibooks is still in a beta stage, as we test and refine its functionality. We invite your feedback!

Step 1: Enable the "Book creator" tool

Fig. 1: First click on the "Create a book" link in the left margin.
Fig. 2: Click on the green button to start the book creator.

Step 2: Collect pages

Fig. 3: From now on (until you disable it, that is), this toolbar will appear on top of every Clicklaw Wikibook page. To add the currently viewed page to your book, just click on "Add this page to your book".

After selecting a few pages, you can click on "Suggest pages" and you will be presented with a list of pages related to your selection. This helps you to create a more complete book if you want.

Step 3: Review your book

Fig. 4: Once you are happy with the pages you have collected, click on "Show book" to manage your book. You can give your book a title and subtitle, change the order of pages, remove pages, or add chapters to distinguish certain sections of your book.

Step 4: Download or order a printed book

You can export your book in PDF format:

Fig. 5: You can export your book in PDF format and click the "Download" button.

Or you can order a printed softcover book:

Fig. 6: To order a printed book, click on "Preview with PediaPress".