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There are currently 3,250 legal information and supporting pages hosted on Clicklaw Wikibooks.

Dial-A-Law cover image.jpg
Legal Help for BC
Cliff Thorstenson & others
JP Boyd on Family Law
John-Paul Boyd & others
A Death in Your Family full cover image.jpg
A Death in Your Family
People's Law School
Being an Executor full cover image.png
Being an Executor
People's Law School
Child Protection in BC cover image.jpg
Child Protection in BC
People's Law School
Child Support in BC cover image.jpg
Child Support in BC
People's Law School
Consequences of a Youth Record in BC cover image.jpg
Consequences of a
Youth Record

People's Law School
Consumer and Debt Law full cover image.jpg
Consumer and Debt Law
People's Law School
Consumer Law Essentials full cover image.jpg
Consumer Law Essentials
People's Law School
Driving in BC cover image.jpg
Driving in BC
People's Law School
Family Violence and Abuse cover image.jpg
Family Violence and Abuse
People's Law School
Human Trafficking in Canada cover image.jpg
Human Trafficking in Canada
People's Law School
Learning about the Law cover image.jpg
Learning about the Law
People's Law School
Paying Taxes cover image.jpg
Paying Taxes in BC
People's Law School
Power of Attorney full cover image.png
Power of Attorney
People's Law School
Scams to Avoid full cover image.jpg
Scams to Avoid
People's Law School
Workplace Bullying and Harassment cover image.jpg
Writing Your Will full cover image.png
Writing Your Will
People's Law School
Legal Issues in Residential Care cover image.jpg
Tenant Survival Guide cover image.jpg
LSLAP Manual
Law Students' Legal Advice Program
Societies Act FAQs cover image.png
Societies Act FAQs
Law for Non Profits
Transitioning an Existing Society full cover image.png

Learn & Teach Series

The Learn & Teach Series on Clicklaw Wikibooks features resources for educators and learners on legal topics.

Settlement Workers Guide cover image.jpg
Settlement Workers Guide
Immigrant PLEI Consortium
Law-Related Lessons Graphic.jpg
Law-Related ESL Lessons
People's Law School
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