Acknowledgements and Foreword (Legal Information for Indigenous People)

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The Bella Coola Legal Advocacy Program (BCLAP) provides free and confidential services in the communities of Bella Coola, Anahim Lake, Bella Bella, Klemtu and Wuikinuxv, the traditional territories of the Nuxalk, Ulkatcho, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xai’xais and Wuikinuxv peoples, respectively.

Map of BCLAP Service Area
Map of BCLAP Service Area

Published in Bella Coola on the traditional and unceded territory of the Nuxalk Nation.

  • Anne Fletcher, Editor, BCLAP Legal Advocate
  • Avery Pasternak* Writer, Designer 2021/22
  • Lauren Ferguson* Writer, Designer 2021/22
  • Laura Beaudry* Legal Researcher, Writer 2020/21
  • Grace Hermansen* Legal Researcher, Writer 2020/21
  • Frances Rosner, Supervising Lawyer 2022
  • Patricia Barkaskas, Supervising Lawyer 2020/21
  • Penny Goldsmith, Plain Language Maven
  • Designer Lorna Lam, Allegra Marketing Print Web Vancouver

*law students at UBC, Allard School of Law and ProBono Students Canada volunteers

Legal Reviewers:

  • Frances Rosner
  • Tim Howard
  • Kevin Love (CLAS)
  • Alison Ward (CLAS)
  • Chris Heslinga (ICLC)
  • Chelsea Leung (ISC Estates)
  • Kathy McCue (NALMA)
  • Meghan Wallace
  • Alex Peel (Legal Aid BC)
  • Kyla Lee (Acumen Law)
  • Joanne Taylor (NIDUS)
  • Rob Dhanu

Organization names at end of Glossary.

This booklet is available for download on Facebook @BCLegalAdvocates and on Clicklaw Wikibooks at

For copies contact BCLAP, Box 309, Bella Coola, BC, V0T 1C0

© 2022 BCLAP

This booklet may not be commercially reproduced but copying for non- commercial purposes, with credit, is encouraged.

This document does not contain legal advice. This document was prepared with the assistance of PBSC UBC law student volunteers. PBSC volunteers are not lawyers and they are not authorized to provide legal advice. This document contains general discussion of certain legal and related issues only. If you require legal advice, please consult with a lawyer.

Funding provided by the Law Foundation of B.C.

A special thanks to Anja Brown, who was with the BCLAP from the beginning. Big thanks too, to Mary Brown, Shannon Humchitt, Mavis Windsor, Anne Housty, Emma Johnson, Melvina Mack, Liz Anderson, Melody Robinson, Lorraine Robinson, Jamie Pond and so many, many more.

These women welcomed us in their Territories and helped make our work so much better.

Great appreciation too, to the dedicated lawyers of the Circuit Courts, working above and beyond to increase access to justice in the remote communities.


As a member of a Nation, I know how daunting it can be to understand whether, how, and what laws apply. For Indigenous Peoples, unique, changing, and contested laws often apply. Indigenous people need to know: what laws may apply to them, the steps involved, the consequences of those laws, their rights, and the options to pursue their rights.

This Booklet was created by frontline advocates who understand the everyday legal issues that Indigenous people face. As a result, this Booklet provides critical and practical legal guidance that Indigenous people need. I have no doubt that this Booklet will be an invaluable resource for Indigenous people across BC.

Kinanâskomitin for this important resource,
Amber Prince
member, BC Human Rights Tribunal
and member, Sucker Creek (Cree) Nation (Treaty 8)

© Copyright 2022, Bella Coola Legal Advocacy Program (BCLAP).