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Andrea Glen was a subject editor for JP Boyd on Family Law, and was jointly responsible for the pages on Resolving Family Law Problems in Court. Andrea received her undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2004, and her law degree from Harvard Law School in 2007, where she graduated magna cum laude. She was called to the New York State Bar in 2008 and the British Columbia Bar in 2011. She practiced commercial litigation and administrative law at firms in Vancouver and New York City and clerked for a judge in New York City before joining Hamilton Fabbro in 2013 where she now practices exclusively in the area of family law. She has appeared before every level of court in British Columbia, as well as in the Supreme Court of Canada. She is also trained in collaborative law and particularly enjoys helping clients to resolve family law issues outside of the court process.

A person appointed by the federal or provincial government to manage and decide court proceedings in an impartial manner, independent of influence by the parties, the government, or agents of the government. The decisions of a judge are binding upon the parties to the proceeding, subject to appeal.

The highest level of court in Canada. This court hears appeals from the decisions of the Federal Court of Appeal and the provincial courts of appeal, including the Court of Appeal for British Columbia. There is no court to appeal to beyond this court. See "Court of Appeal" and "Supreme Court."

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