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JP Boyd on Family Law is a collaborative work led by family law researcher and former lawyer John-Paul Boyd. He is joined by a stellar roster of subject editors (experienced senior family law lawyers and junior lawyers committed to delivering in-depth, pragmatic family law information for the public). The editorial structure of JP Boyd on Family Law is unique in its use of editorial pairs for chapter contents, and editors emeriti (members of the judiciary and legal academia) who provide general overview and guidance as appropriate. Subject editors are asked to serve for a period of one or two years, and a list of editors is produced annually.

  • Subject Editors tend to work in pairs to ensure a specific chapter is up-to-date. Cross-mentorship is encouraged between subject editors, as it is generally the case that the subject editor who is more junior will have a greater comfort with the technological aspects of updating content on the wiki, while senior calls who are subject editors will have more experience and knowledge about the law.
  • Senior Subject Editors are subject editors with substantial experience (over ten years) in family law.
  • Editors emeriti (editor emeritus singular) are judges, masters and law professors who have accounts and profiles on Clicklaw Wikibooks, but who are not assigned specific chapters. They are encouraged to review content overall, make suggestions to subject editors about changes to chapters, and make other recommendations to site administrators as they see fit.
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