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Form F30 Affidavit is a prescribed form under the Supreme Court Family Rules. Rule 10-4 says that an affidavit:

  1. must be expressed in the first person and show the name, address and occupation of the person swearing or affirming the affidavit,
  2. if the person swearing or affirming the affidavit is a party or the lawyer, agent, director, officer or employee of a party, must state that fact,
  3. must be divided into paragraphs numbered consecutively, and
  4. may be in Form F30.

Where to find this form and any examples[edit]

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Form F30 Affidavit PDF HTML PDF DOC (fillable)

How to use this form[edit]

The page How Do I Prepare an Affidavit? in JP Boyd on Family Law provides tips and examples on preparing an affidavit.

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