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Judge Gary Cohen of the Provincial Court of British Columbia is an editor emeritus for JP Boyd on Family Law. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at UBC in 1981 and practised law in Delta and White Rock for 17 years before being appointed to the Provincial Court in 1999. He was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1997. Judge Cohen was an active lawyer within the BC legal community prior to his judicial appointment, having held numerous offices within the Canadian Bar Association's BC Branch, and he is very active within the international judicial community, having been chair of the National Judges Forum, president of the International Association of Lesbian and Gay Judges, and president of the BC Provincial Judges Association. He was the recipient of the SOGIC Hero Award in 2012.

A court established and staffed by the provincial government, which includes Small Claims Court, Youth Court, and Family Court. The Provincial Court is the lowest level of court in British Columbia and is restricted in the sorts of matters it can deal with. It is, however, the most accessible of the two trial courts and no fees are charged to begin or defend a family court proceeding. The Family Court of the Provincial Court cannot deal with the division of family property or matters under the Divorce Act. See "judge" and "jurisdiction."

A person licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. See "barrister and solicitor."

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