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Basic Autoplan Information on ICBC's Basic Autoplan insurance, which provides a basic level of insurance coverage for all British Columbians who own and drive a vehicle in BC.
BCAA Child Passenger Safety Program Information on BCAA's Child Passenger Safety Program, which helps make sure children are safe while travelling on BC roads.
Clicklaw A website with legal information and education from across BC. The resources available through Clicklaw are designed to be used by the public.
Dial-a-Claim Centre ICBC's 24 hour phone line to report a claim. Phone in Lower Mainland: 604-520-8222

Toll-free elsewhere in BC: 1-800-910-4222

Drinking and Driving Laws Information from ICBC on the laws relating to impaired driving.
Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is a provincial Crown corporation that provides universal auto insurance to BC drivers.
Insurance Discounts Information from ICBC on insurance premiums and costs.
Learn to Drive Smart A manual from ICBC for new drivers to help them study for the knowledge test.
People's Law School The People's Law School provides people in BC with free public legal education and information. Visit our website or call us to find out how to access the education and information needed to exercise your legal rights and responsibilities.
Register Your Car Information from ICBC on registering your vehicle.
Report the Accident Online On ICBC's website, you can report some types of claims online.
Road Test Information for new drivers on getting the learner's or novice licence.
Traffic Fines and Penalties Information on the fines and penalty points for BC traffic offences.
What's the Real Knowledge Test Like? Prepare for the knowledge test, one of the steps in getting a BC driver's licence.
This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by People's Law School, 2011.

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