Patricia Bond

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Judge Patricia Bond of the Provincial Court of British Columbia is an editor emeritus for JP Boyd on Family Law. She was appointed to the Provincial Court in 2012. Prior to her appointment, Judge Bond was a partner with North Shore Law LLP in North Vancouver. She was a Bencher of the Law Society of BC, a Governor of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC and one of the founding members of the Board of Directors of the BC Parenting Coordinators Society. She contributed to various family law manuals and courses, and volunteered her time to support legal aid initiatives in BC through various committees, projects and clinics.

A court established and staffed by the provincial government, which includes Small Claims Court, Youth Court, and Family Court. The Provincial Court is the lowest level of court in British Columbia and is restricted in the sorts of matters it can deal with. It is, however, the most accessible of the two trial courts and no fees are charged to begin or defend a family court proceeding. The Family Court of the Provincial Court cannot deal with the division of family property or matters under the Divorce Act. See "judge" and "jurisdiction."

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