Shannon Aldinger

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Shannon Aldinger
Shannon Aldinger, Megan Ellis & Company
Shannon Aldinger is a senior subject editor for JP Boyd on Family Law, and is jointly responsible for the pages on Resolving Family Law Problems in Court. She practices as associate counsel Megan Ellis & Company. Shannon has practiced law since 1996, and has represented clients in the Provincial and Supreme Courts of BC and the BC Court of Appeal. She has extensive experience in all areas of family law practice including providing legal advice, negotiating settlements, and providing representation in court dealing with parenting arrangements, mobility disputes, child and spousal support, division of assets, spousal assault torts, restraining orders, and family law agreements. She has been an active member of the Trial Lawyers Association of BC, a past contributor to Dial-A-Law (CBABC), and a volunteer with the Women Lawyers Mentoring Program, Battered Women's Support Services, among others.