Wills and Estates Collection

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Cover of Wills and Estates Collection
Cover of Wills and Estates Collection

The Wills and Estates Collection brings together four titles from People's Law School on planning for aging and dealing with death:

  • Power of Attorney tells you how a power of attorney can be used to give someone the legal power to take care of financial and legal matters for you. It explains the types of power of attorney, who can be an attorney, what powers and responsibilities the attorney has, and how to end a power of attorney.
  • Writing Your Will explains how to leave instructions in a will for what you want done with your property and obligations after you die. It describes what is involved in making a will, what to consider in appointing an executor (the person responsible for carrying out the instructions in the will), and what to do after making your will.
  • A Death in Your Family deals with what to do when a loved one dies. It covers preparing for the death of a loved one, what to do immediately after the death, making the funeral arrangements, and where to find support.
  • Being an Executor is for people who have been appointed as executor in a will. It covers the steps involved in dealing with an estate after a person dies, including the procedure to probate the will (a court procedure that confirms the will is legally valid).

With this collection, People's Law School aims to provide information in ways that respond to user needs. Our wikibooks meet the growing interest in information in digital format, while also helping us provide print versions of our information. This collection can be ordered as a printed bound book, downloaded as an ebook, or accessed online.

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