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What is a Clicklaw Wikibook?

Clicklaw Wikibooks are collaboratively developed, plain language legal publications that are published and kept up-to-date on a wiki, where they can also be printed. More than 50 legal professionals and law-related, non-profit organizations contribute to the Clicklaw Wikibooks collection. Read more ...

Featured Clicklaw Wikibooks

Below are the most recently updated publications. For other titles, see the complete list.

Legal Information for Indigenous People thumb image.jpg Legal Information for Indigenous People
From BCLAP, basic & accessible legal information for Indigenous people facing legal issues. Topics include the justice systems, children & families, rights & protections, death & taxes, income security, and class actions.
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LSLAP Manual thumb image.jpg LSLAP Manual
From LSLAP, the reference manual used by law students giving legal advice in British Columbia. Topics include criminal law, human rights, workers' compensation, and employment law.
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Dial-A-Law thumb image.jpg Dial-A-Law
From People's Law School, Dial-A-Law features free information on the law in British Columbia in over 130 topic areas.
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Societies Act FAQs thumb image.jpg Societies Act FAQs
From Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society, for BC non-profits wanting to understand the requirements of the Act and compliance with this legislation.
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About this site

This site is operated by Courthouse Libraries BC with the assistance of the Clicklaw Wikibooks Advisory Committee. The site is operated in tandem with the public legal information program Clicklaw.

What's new

Work in progress:

  • The LSLAP Manual is currently being updated with content from the latest edition (2023). Please check the "last reviewed date" for the wikibook page you are viewing to see its status. For the complete 2023 chapters in PDF format, you can go to the Law Students' Legal Advice Program website.

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