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The following sources provide information on consumer or debt law in British Columbia.

Consumer Protection BC

Their website is a good source of information about consumer law issues, including emerging trends.


Clicklaw is a website operated by Courthouse Libraries BC to provide access to legal information for the layperson. It covers many topics, including consumer law and debt law.

Continuing Legal Education Society of BC

CLEBC produces manuals and course materials on debt collection and court procedures. BC Creditors’ Remedies: An Annotated Guide covers practical aspects of creditors’ remedies, and includes forms, precedents, legislation, and checklists. This title and other CLEBC resources are available in courthouse libraries across the province.  

Courthouse Libraries BC

With libraries across the province, Courthouse Libraries offers legal professionals and the public access to in-depth legal publications, in print and online. British Columbia Debtor-Creditor Law and Precedents (Carswell, looseleaf) by Lyman R. Robinson, QC, is a leading text on all aspects of BC credit and debt law. For help with understanding legal terminology, see the Dictionary of Canadian Law (by Daphne Dukelow) and Black’s Law Dictionary (edited by Bryan A. Garner) for US terminology.

Law Society of BC

The Law Society publishes the materials for the Professional Legal Training Course. The course materials are available on the society’s website and in courthouse libraries.

Legal Aid BC

The legal aid provider in BC offers information on debt-related topics. Their booklet Can’t Pay Your Mortgage? What You Can Do If You’re Facing Foreclosure explains what a homeowner can do when lenders try to take their home. Their Family Law in BC website includes fact sheets and self-help guides on family support payments.  

People’s Law School

Their website includes extensive coverage of consumer and debt-related legal problems. Aimed at helping the public effectively deal with the legal problems of daily life, the site offers template letters and step-by-step guidance.

UBC Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP)

LSLAP has a manual on various legal topics, including consumer protection and debtors’ remedies. The manual can be accessed online.

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