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About these FAQs[edit]

The Societies Act FAQs were prepared by Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO) with help and support from the University of Victoria Faculty of Law Business Law Clinic. They were originally intended as a support for non-profit organizations in British Columbia undergoing transition to BC's then-new Societies Act, SBC 2015, c 18.

In 2021, the FAQs were updated to remove the focus on transition, and additional content was added to help individuals understand how to incorporate, manage, and dissolve non-profits in BC. The FAQs were updated by University of British Columbia law student Sheldon Falk with help from Paul Wood. They were reviewed for accuracy by lawyer Martha Rans, Founder and Legal Director of PLEO.

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About Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society[edit]

The Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society aims to empower artists and non-profits in Canada to access justice efficiently, effectively, and equitably. With this mission, PLEO works to shift the paradigm in how non-profits and artists experience the law, providing them with accessible tools, education, and information needed to prevent a legal issue before it happens.

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