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==Collections from People's Law School==
==Collections from People's Law School==
Multiple titles on one topic have been combined into one for your convenience:
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The People's Law School provides free legal education and information to help British Columbians effectively deal with the legal problems of everyday life. We provide plain language information online and in print, collaborate with partners to bring legal education programs and learning experiences to trusted community settings around the province, and connect people with legal information and assistance that meets their needs.
Website peopleslawschool.ca
Phone 1-604-331-5400
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Clicklaw Wikibooks from People's Law School

Everyday Legal Problems

Consumer Law Essentials full cover image.jpg
Driving in BC cover image.jpg
Paying Taxes cover image.jpg
Scams to Avoid full cover image.jpg
Workplace Bullying and Harassment cover image.jpg

Wills, Planning & Estates

A Death in Your Family full cover image.jpg
Being an Executor full cover image.png
Managing Money for Someone Else full cover image.jpg
Power of Attorney full cover image.png
Preparing Your Will full cover image.png

Families & Children

Child Protection in BC cover image.jpg
Child Support in BC cover image.jpg
Consequences of a Youth Record in BC cover image.jpg
Family Violence and Abuse cover image.jpg
Human Trafficking in Canada cover image.jpg

Collections from People's Law School

Multiple titles on one topic have been combined into one for your convenience:

Power of Attorney Collection full cover image.jpg

Learn & Teach resources from People's Law School

From the Learn & Teach Series on Clicklaw Wikibooks:

Law-Related Lessons Graphic.jpg
Learning about the Law cover image.jpg
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