How Can I Tell If a Secondary Resource Is Reliable or If I Should Use It?

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Here are some guidelines to consider when you are looking for legal information (taken from the Settlement Workers Guide to Finding Legal Information:

  • Is the information up to date? Good legal information will show when it was written or last updated. Laws can change at any time, so finding current information is important.
  • Who created the information? Look for who produced the information and check their credentials.
  • What is the jurisdiction? Make sure the information is for people in BC. For example, the law in Alberta, Ontario or the US may not be the same as in BC.
  • Is the site asking you to pay a fee? Some websites provide legal information as a way to attract customers. The information may be limited.
This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by Courthouse Libraries BC staff, October 2015.

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