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Who this Guide is for

This guide can help if you:

  • want to find out how to handle a legal problem you are having,
  • need information about representing yourself in court, or
  • are curious about how the law and the courts work in BC and Canada.

This guide explains how to find legal information in British Columbia. It also provides links to many more self-help resources and guides. This guide is a starting point and is not meant to be exhaustive. It explains the law and legal procedures in general, and is not intended to give legal advice on your particular legal problem.


  • Content development: This guide is based on a series of handouts created by former Courthouse Libraries BC librarian Rebecca Slaven. Additional content has been created by CLBC librarians Janet Freeman, Kate Sloan and Roman Lanzarotta.
  • Project coordinator: Janet Freeman
  • Reviewers: Nancy Hannum, Drew Jackson, Brenda Rose
  • Plain language editing: Gayla Reid
  • Technical support: Desy Wahyuni

Clicklaw Wikibooks

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Your comments

Your comments on the content and format of this guide are most appreciated. Please forward them to:

Courthouse Libraries BC
Phone: 1-800-665-2570
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