How Do I Find Out About Court Procedures?

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There are many self-help guides to help people represent themselves in court. They range from general guides to guides specific to different courts.

General guides

BC Provincial Court

  • Going To Court includes information on self-represented litigants, finding legal help and lawyers, and preparing for a trial or hearing.

Criminal Court, Provincial

Small Claims Court

Family Law in Provincial and Supreme Courts

BC Human Rights Tribunal

Civil Litigation in Supreme Court of BC

Criminal Law, Supreme Court of BC

BC Court of Appeal

  • Court of Appeal BC - Online Help Guide. Provides the following guidebooks:
    • Civil & Family Matters, for both appellants and respondents who need to represent themselves in civil and family law matters.
    • Criminal Matters, on how to appeal your conviction and how to appeal your sentence.

Supreme Court of Canada

This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by Courthouse Libraries BC staff, October 2015.

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