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Need something custom? Need a chapter from one Clicklaw Wikibook, and a few pages from another? Turn on the Create a book option on the left to start creating your own custom collection or book of wiki pages. When you click "Create a book", you will be asked if you want to start the "Book creator" mode.

In "Book creator" mode, you can add pages to your custom collection as you're reading them online. Just click "Add this page to your book". Alternately, rolling your cursor over a link for a wiki page will trigger the option to add (or remove) the linked page. When you are done, click "Show book". The "Show book" mode lets you see all the pages you've selected and get them ready to download (PDF or EPUB) or even order in print.

Below are the existing "collections" for full Clicklaw Wikibooks titles. You can use them as a starting point. Take what you need.

When you're done, go to the Manage your Book page and:

  • Name: give your custom collection a Title and Subtitle
  • Organize: click and drag the content into the right order
  • Export: export your custom collection in any of the usual formats (PDF, EPUB, or as a printed and bound book)

For more help see Clicklaw Wikibooks Print/Export Guide.

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