Editorial Checklist for Clicklaw Contributors

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This is a help page for contributors or users.

Maintaining an accurate and current listing on Clicklaw is important for Clicklaw contributors because it helps users find them. Accurate and current information helps build trust from Clicklaw users, which leads to repeat visits and referrals.

The following checklist serves as a tool for the contributors to use when creating or updating their resources and services on Clicklaw.

  • Use a unique, accurate title.
  • Accurately summarize your resource or service in the description.
  • Use plain language when writing the description.
  • Use the year when a resource was last reviewed for its legal content for the year of publication (“year produced”).
  • Use your organization’s logo for the thumbnail when a screen capture may not look suitable or attractive for your listing.
  • Create tags for your resources to include terms that your users may use to search for your content.

Unique & accurate title

The title is used as the “title” meta tag for your Clicklaw pages. It will appear as the first line in Google search results and a descriptive title can help searchers recognize if your Clicklaw page is relevant to them. See Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Accurate summary in the description

This description is used as the “description” meta tag for your Clicklaw pages. Depending on a user’s query, Google might use the description meta tags as snippets for your pages. This is what users see on their Google search results and what help them decide to click through or not. See Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Plain language in the description

Users understand your description better when it is written in plain language. See Guidelines for Creating Online Legal Information.

Year produced

This helps users see if your resource is current or not.

Organization’s logo for the thumbnail when applicable

An example is when a resource is a web page that may change over time or when a resource does not have a cover that stands out. Showing your logo instead may help reinforce the authority of your listing to the users.

Tags for resources

An example is to use the tag “adult guardianship” for a resource about committeeship. A search on Clicklaw for the keywords “adult guardianship” will also include that resource in the search result listing. For services, try to include these terms in the description.

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