Fundamentals of the Law Lesson Module

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This lesson module is for teaching newcomers to British Columbia about the fundamentals of Canada's laws, including individual rights and responsibilities, and how the laws are made.

Reading material

The learner should read the section Fundamentals of Canadian Law from the Learning about the Law Wikibook.

Instructional packages

Fundamentals of the Law Instructional Package, CLB 7-8 level: Instructional package on learning the fundamentals of the legal system in British Columbia, including activities, worksheets, and self-assessment tool:

Fundamentals of the Law Listening Package: Listening package on identity theft and scams to avoid, including activities and worksheets:


Invite the learner to try a short Fundamentals of the Law Quiz (optional).

Media resources

Fundamentals of the Law
This information applies to British Columbia, Canada. Last reviewed for legal accuracy by People's Law School, 2014.

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