Federal Court of Canada

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The Federal Court of Canada is Canada's national trial court which hears legal disputes arising in the federal domain, including immigration, tax, admiralty, and customs.

Website: The Information for Litigants page provides information about appearing before the Federal Court without a lawyer. The Court Process and Procedures page provides information about Federal Court rules and forms.

Phone: The Federal Court Registry in Vancouver can be reached at (604) 666-3232 or toll free at 1-800-663-2096. TDD: 604-666-9228.

Website www.fct-cf.gc.ca
Phone 1-800-663-2096

The testing of the claims at issue in a court proceeding at a formal hearing before a judge with the jurisdiction to hear the proceeding. The parties present their evidence and arguments to the judge, who then makes a determination of the parties' claims against one another that is final and binding on the parties unless appealed. See "action," "appeal," "argument," "claim," "evidence," and "jurisdiction."

A person licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. See "barrister and solicitor."

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