How Do I Address the Lawyer When I'm Representing Myself?

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When you're in court, you'll see the lawyers on opposing sides address each other as my friend or, in the case of lawyers who are Queen's Counsel, as my learned friend. You shouldn't do this, unless you're a lawyerA person licensed to practice law in a particular jurisdiction. See "barrister and solicitor." too. (Besides, I doubt very much that you're going to be inclined to call the lawyer representing your ex "my friend.")

If you're representing yourself, just refer to the lawyer acting for your spouseUnder the ''Divorce Act'', either of two people who are married to one another, whether of the same or opposite genders. Under the ''Family Law Act'', married spouses, unmarried parties who have lived together in a marriage-like relationship for at least two years, and, for all purposes of the act other than the division of property or debt, unmarried parties who have lived together for less than two years but have had a child together. See "marriage" and "marriage-like relationship." by the lawyer's last name, as "Mr. ________" or "Ms. ________."

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