JP Boyd on Family Law — Helpful Guides and Common Questions

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This section of JP Boyd on Family Law explains common processes and procedures related to family law in British Columbia, from separating from your spouse to addressing the judge in court, and answers common questions about family law issues, such as how to find out if you're divorced and how to avoid paying child support.

The answers and explanations in this section are, of course, only general guides. For most problems, more detailed information can be found in the different chapters of this wikibook. The advice and assistance of a lawyer is always recommended, even if you're just hiring the lawyer to answer a few questions.

Helpful Guides & Common Questions

Marriage, Separation & Divorce

Avoiding an Obligation

Alternatives to Court

Family Law Agreements

Starting an Action

Defending an Action

Interim Applications


Courtroom Protocol

Appealing a Decision

Other Litigation Issues