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Law Students' Legal Advice Manual 45th Edition - 2021

Executive Editor: Lara Lampe

The Greater Vancouver Law Students' Legal Advice Society is a non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of public and private entities to maintain its services to the citizens of the Lower Mainland.

We give our thanks to our largest contributors, whose generous support allows us to provide legal services to the community:

Contributing Sponsors

  • The Law Foundation of British Columbia
  • Fasken
  • Chak Law
  • MN Law
  • Lawson Lundell LLP
  • City of Surrey
  • City of Vancouver
  • Government of Canada
  • District of North Vancouver
  • City of North Vancouver


Listed below are the names of the editors and resource persons who were responsible for editing the substantive content of the Manual, and whose efforts made the 2021 edition of the Manual possible. The Greater Vancouver Law Students’ Legal Advice Society wishes to thank all contributors and acknowledge their efforts on the Manual. The Editor would also like to thank the Student Executive, Supervising Lawyers, and summer clinicians for assisting with the production and distribution of the Manual.

Chapter One: Criminal Law

Editor: Simran Persic
Resource Person: Clinton Bauman

Chapter Two: Youth Justice

Editor: Tesolin Piccolo
Resource Person: Ronald Edwards

Chapter Three: Family Law

Editor: Stephanie Bowick
Resource Person: Jeffrey Zilkowsky

Chapter Four: Victims

Editor: Dylan Chohan
Resource Person: Moira Aikenhead

Chapter Five: Public Complaints Procedures

Editor: Caroling Gao
Resource Person: Douglas King

Chapter Six: Human Rights

Editor: Sarah Xu
Resource Person: Laura Track

Chapter Seven: Workers’ Compensation

Editor: Trevor Roemer
Resource Person: Johanna Goosen

Chapter Eight: Employment Insurance

Editor: Matthew Li
Resource Person: Kevin Love

Chapter Nine: Employment Law

Editor: Darien Pletcher
Resource Person: Jonas McKay

Chapter Ten: Creditors’ Remedies and Debtors’ Assistance

Editor: Manraj Khurana
Resource Person: Mishaal Gill

Chapter Eleven: Consumer Protection

Editor: Arkie Liu
Resource Person: Anonymous

Chapter Twelve: Automobile Insurance (ICBC)

Editor: Bowen Li
Resource Person: Kyla Lee

Chapter Thirteen: Motor Vehicle Law

Editor: Emma Dolhai
Resource Person: Marc Kazimirski

Chapter Fourteen: Mental Health Law

Editor: Amanda Hobbs
Resource Person: Diane Nielsen

Chapter Fifteen: Adult Guardianship and Substitute Decision-Making

Editor: Calvin Lee
Resource Person: Sarah Watson

Chapter Sixteen: Wills and Estate Administration

Editor: Megaila Rose
Resource Person: Nicco Bautista

Chapter Seventeen: Citizenship

Editor: Thea Udwadia
Resource Person: Mojan Farshchi

Chapter Eighteen: Immigration Law

Editor: Thea Udwadia
Resource Person: Mojan Farshchi

Chapter Nineteen: Landlord and Tenant Law

Editor: Liam Marshall
Resource Person: Zuzana Modrovic and Robert Patterson

Chapter Twenty: Small Claims and the CRT

Editor: Michaela Pomponio
Resource Person: Jeffrey G. Zilkowsky and Eric Regehr

Chapter Twenty-One: Welfare (Income Assistance) Law

Editors: Joshua Wandler
Resource Person: Alison Ward

© Copyright 2021, The Greater Vancouver Law Students' Legal Advice Society.