Examples of Penalty Points and Fines for Motor Vehicle Offences (13:App A)

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This appendix lists fines and penalty points for some of the most common Motor Vehicle Act offences. As well, please note that many of these offences carry other penalties, discussed in this chapter. A comprehensive list of the penalty points from the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations and the fines from the VTAFR are available on the ICBC website at http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/tickets/Pages/fines-points-offences.aspx

Offence Fine Points
No Driver's License or Wrong Class of License (MVA s. 24(1)) $276 3
Driving Without Insurance (MVA s. 24(3)(b)) $598 0
Failing to Produce a Driver's License or Insurance (MVA s. 33(1)) $81 0
Disobeying a Red Light at an Intersection (MVA s. 129(1)) $167 2
Driving without Due Care and Attention (MVA s. 144(1)(a) $368 6
Speeding (including in and out of municipalities, and in violation of signs) (MVA ss. 146(1),(3),(5),(7) $138-196 3
Speeding in a School or Playground Zone (MVA ss. 147 (1) and (2)) $196-253 3
Excessive Speeding (MVA s. 148(1)) $368-483 3
Failing to Keep Right (MVA s. 150(1) $109 3
Failing to Signal a Turn (MVA s. 170) $121 2
Using an Electronic Device While Driving/ Emailing or Texting While Driving (MVA ss. 214.2(1) and (2) $368 4
Failing to Wear a Seatbelt or Permitting a Passenger Without a Seatbelt (MVA ss. 220(4) and (6) $167 0
Illegibile License Plate (MVAR s. 3.03) $230 0
Failing to Display and "N" or "L" Sign (MVAR ss. 30.10(2) and (4) $109
Failing to Slow Down or Move Over Near a Stopped Official Vehicle (MVA s. 47.02) $173 3
Illegal Use or Possession of Permit or Insurance (MVA s. 70(1)(a)) $115-2,300 0
Illegal Use or Possesion of Identification Card or Driver's License (MVA ss. 70(1.1)(a) or (b) $460-23,000 0
Motor Vehicle Related Criminal Code Offences N/A (May be imposed by court) 10
Driving While Prohibited/ Suspended (MVA ss. 95(1) / 234(1)) $575-2,300 10
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